Predestination cord bracelet


Predestination cord bracelet Cord bracelet with sterling silver puzzle charm
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 Sterling silver cord bracelet with sterling silver puzzle charm. 

If we imagine a perfect picture of the world as a huge puzzle, then each one of us is a part of it, like a puzzle element. And if each element of the puzzle is on a right spot, the picture is finished. Everything is beautiful, there are no empty places and spare parts.

That's the way it works. If we listen to ourselves and following the Way of Heart, then we are certainly in the right place. But sometimes we begin to pursue stereotypes of the society, choosing what is fashionable, prestigious, monetary. We believe that success is there. But the real success lies in being yourself, being sincere and following your heart. Find your own talents and purpose in life. Live your own life, sing your own song overcoming difficulties, don't try to be or seem someone else. Someone else's place is already occupied. And the spot prepared for you stays empty. You just need to go back and fill it with yourself, no one can replace you. And the most interesting thing is that if each of us just fall into place, then life will be so beautiful, filled with harmony, happiness, joy and love, and the picture of the world will be a complete and beautiful.

Amorem. Sterling silver. Handmade. Features adjustable cord. Free shipping worldwide


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1) Free worldwide shipping for orders more than 30 $ by International mail service (7-30 days)

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We accept returns within 28 days.


Details & Care

Our products are made of sterling silver. We do not cover our products with rhodium. So with a time if unworn silver could get mat because of an oxide film. It's normal reaction. To return it's glossy look and remove the plaque it is sufficient to use a felt cloth or a special wipes for silver cleaning. 

The threads in our cord bracelets are caproic and suitable for regular use. They show an excellent color retention rate in corrosive environments such as sea water and cleaning products. The threads do not cause alergy and comfortable to the body. With the active use can retain for 1 year in excellent condition (depends also on the colour).


diam 11 mm
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